Friday, July 21, 2006

Good god

I was listening to the radio tonight both coming and going to my parent's house. My sister is home with her kids and my parent's will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday. I tortured myself with Love Songs by Delilah on the way home, and it struck me that earlier in my ride I heard a lot of songs that could be described as Playlist of a Wife Beater.

Today I ran errands and grabbed some lunch on my lunch hour. As I entered the restaurant 3 women were leaving. One was a case worker and the others were either physically or mentally disabled. I got in line behind 2 teenaged boys. One of them was blond and had a permanent smirk on his face that reminded me of high school and my hesitance to ever date a blond during that time. 3 couples got in line behind me. They were deaf and were signing but could also speak limitedly. The boys in front of me stared and smirked and finally got their food and sat down. I sat down too and ate and read and eventually I could hear one of the deaf couples voices rising, and the boys laughing and looking at them. I caught the attention of the blond and stared at him, mouthing "You little shit." I hate people who think they are above others.

F.A.K. called today twice, but I wasn't home. I will have to call him soon. We had a conversation about Santa Claus while he was here. He told me that he wasn't real. I told him that some believe and some do not. It's a personal choice. For those who have nothing, there is always human kindness and someone to reach out and help them. If that's not the spirit of the time, then I don't know what. I like believing in goodness.

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