Monday, July 24, 2006

Bikes and changes all around

Back again after exhausting efforts of being familial and social all weekend. My weekend resulted in my passing of the motorcycle safety course, which means I need to go to the DMV and pay $10 for my motorcycle permit. Then I can ride on my own, in the daylight, helmeted and without passengers. At one point early in the class we were reviewing helmets and I leaned over to L and whispered to him that "My brains are my business" and that I would be getting the full sized helmet with visor. L also bought a motorcycle on Sunday. My father told me this weekend that my grandfather had a motorcycle, and drove it to Florida where he worked as a cook when he was a young man. I am guessing this was sometime in the late 20's or early 30's. He had an Indian. It may have looked something like this:

My grandpa also knew someone who was a juror on the Sacco and Vanzetti trial, but contextually I only really know the man through stories. Were there actually jurors on that trial? I should research this. I felt very kindred to him after learning about the bike. He passed away 2 months after I moved to London, on my brother's birthday. He was nearly 100. He looked forward to getting a letter from the Queen for reaching his milestone, as he was British and under the understanding that British citizens are sent a personal letter from the Queen for reaching their centenary.

Our bike looks something like this:

I have also nearly completed the changing of my name. This feels wonderful. There are lots of changes happening. Another is that my favorite coffee shop (Dog Days Cafe) is closing. I once visited it daily but don't get to stop as often anymore since I moved closer to work. They carry the wonderful Coffee By Design coffee and have the best molasses cookies with lemon frosting. Of course, I could make them myself. My staff bought me a pound of the Dog Days blend of coffee for my birthday and broke the bad news to me. I could bake myself some cookies and try to create the feeling of sitting alone and having a coffee and a treat. I could do that on my own porch, but it always seems more peaceful when it's a bright and cheery place elsewhere. I liked Dog Days for being such a bright space, and for the fact that they knew my name and I could tell them about library things, and books, and what was happening in my life. I understand that the owner got a new job. He started the business when a local technology company closed and he was laid off, so this will be another fresh start for him. I can't begrudge his prosperity for a cup of coffee.

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CBK said...

Please, please, please send me a picture of you on the bike with your helmet on. I think it's so cool!

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