Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Not much doing here.

The air has cleared, and it is crisp and bright outside and not so swamplike.

I got home the other night and saw that one of our air conditioners was installed. L said he didn't accomplish much all day, but did do the dishes. Well, he is a liar. I went upstairs to do my version of the Mr. Rogers thing and change out of my work clothes and into my comfy clothes, but I saw lots of construction rubble and a hole in the wall! We lost some storage space but have actually gained light and better circulation of the cooler air by way of a new door way into our TV room. It's great!

I have been chef slacker for the last few nights. I don't feel any culinary inspiration when I cook for 1, so I have been relying on Annie's macaroni and cheese. It's the microwavable kind. The most settling thing is the idea that mac and cheese does not have to be radioactively orange to taste good. This stuff is great and easy. It's sophisticated crap food for adults.



e4c5 said...

This was an interesting blog to stumble on. I'm going to visit Maine in July for the first time with my family, after a trip to Philly, and that should be interesting as well. Not sure where we're going to drive to yet.

e4c5 said...

Thanks...! I sent a little email if that works and you don't mind.

e4c5 said...

By the way...on a blog posting related note...I have about 30 boxes of Kraft mac and cheese in my cupboard, courtesy of my son who mostly eats only that, or at least it constitutes about 1/6th of his diet. Conservatively speaking. Yikes. I will have to try this brand and compare. Variety is good, or so they say.

Herself said...

It's better. . .somehow. I used to buy the no name mac and cheese brand and put steamed broccoli in it to redeem some nutritional value.