Sunday, June 18, 2006

MAD: Manners Advertently Discarded

Since this is Sunday and symbolically a day of religion and the spirit, I want to take the time to address some things that are happening here in Maine. I went to visit my husband this afternoon after spending some time with my father. I walked to his work and we began talking. I spoke mostly about the banal happenings at the house, how one poppy bloomed overnight and silly things the dogs did. He spoke for a while and then I asked him what was happening in the world. There were 2 things of note:

1. 2 American soldiers were kidnapped in Iraq.

2. Michael Hein and other members of the Christian Civic League of Maine went to the 20th annual Gay and Lesbian parade and festival in Portland, armed with video recorders to be "Christian Witnesses" to the parade.

I find both these bits of news dangerous, and L and I agreed that the latter is so close to home and so misguided. I hope L writes a letter to the paper (as he said he would) to discuss the thin differences between Hein's feverish hatred and that of a fascist. Hein is well known for forming the group CLAD, who protested the live models at the lingerie shop in Augusta. CLAD stands for Christians Lovingly Advocating Decency. Because god knows that lingerie has been the ruin of many a moral man. He has run unsuccessfully for political office in Maine, and spews much hatred and intolerance. He is a poisonous and misguided man, and along with the CCL he claims that the media is intolerant and producing hatred. The League also has a list of companies/sites they are boycotting due to their policies. They are (so far):
All Hannaford Brothers Stores in the State of Maine
Norway Savings Bank Statewide
Macys Department Stores
Ford Motor Company
Defunding of the Civil Rights Team Project
Risk Audit Project
No Slots for Maine
Movie Theaters

What an idiot. If these boycotts were effective, where would I shop and entertain myself?

I have had several conversations in the last few days with different people about outward displays of sexuality and affection, and it was agreed upon that couples (gay and straight) holding hands in public is a lovely and endearing thing. However, it's not cool seeing couples (gay and straight) grope, squeeze, and molest one another in a public space. See my earlier post today. I say fundamentally it is not about morals, but manners. If people had them, then life would be tidier and private. I like privacy. I crave and adore it. So, Michael Hein, develop some manners and a new acronym. Maybe like CAME: Christians Acquiring Manners Effectively.


Anonymous said...

I finally found your blog. Cute. I don't have anything relevant to add...Hope to meet L. sometime soon. Glad he sounds like a liberal;) joan

Herself said...

Thanks for reading!