Thursday, June 22, 2006

It all came tumbling down

It was an okay day.

It started with me explaining to my husband at 7:15 a.m. how upset I was over a co-worker who drove by a crime scene several times and who was feverishly looking at the paper to find out more information on someone she did not know. I had a conversation with my boss about it, since I know what it is like to hear reports on police scanners and I can't help but think about the way Tim died, and how people could hear the situation from start to finish. My boss had also read about the police coming to her house once and she knows what privacy means. I started crying into my granola about it. L asked me if I had been thinking about it a lot, which I haven't been lately. He reminded me that my co-worker has no life, and said that maybe I needed to be thrown out on the grass and tickled. I felt ridiculous and let it go.

I got to work to find a lengthy e-mail from a staff member who is being harassed by an alcoholic, who will most likely not remember her harassment. She monopolized his time and expects him to do "important research" for her. I asked his supervisor if she had read the e-mail and what she wanted to do but she said she would be too busy preparing for her book group tomorrow when the woman was due in. As it turns out, I will be coming in later tomorrow when Ms. Harassment may or may not still be there, but am left to sort out the situation while the person who should be doing so is busy being a chicken and unable to multi-task. Not impressed.

By 10 a.m., over 50 children between the ages of 0-5 came to the library for a children's musician. Usually guys with guitars singing songs for kids creeps me out but he was great. I have been listening to School House Rock all week. It's the all-star version, including Pavement singing "No More Kings."

My afternoon whizzed by and I came home to prepare a delicious vegetarian meal for my family (L and I) and listen to the dogs go beserk while the ice cream truck goes by. All was not so zen-like during the preparation. I opened a cupboard door and a glass pie plate and a casserole came careening down. The pie plate shattered and I screamed, but besides a few cuts and glass everywhere, all is well.


Rowdy Theologian said...

Hurray for child entertainers! Back in the 5th grade a magician came to perform at our school. Prior to the show he asked the faculty to get a couple of kids to help him (my buddy, Kyle, and I were selected.) He showed us a few of his tricks, for them to work the "volunteers" needed to be in the know. He planted us near the front during the show and picked us "at random" to hop on stage. Amazing how meaningful and memorable stuff like that can be for a kid.

Herself said...

I loved the inhibition of the kids. They were grooving with no care. It takes most adults alcohol to let themselves go like that. I love childhood and memories like yours.

CBK said...

Oh, you meant the title literally! I was waiting for some coworker-related catastrophe. Glad that didn't happen.