Sunday, June 18, 2006

Big love

I got way too much sun yesterday. It was a beautiful day, mind you. We went to the local garden center and tried to restrain ourselves. My boss had given us a gift certificate for a wedding present and so we went with the goal of getting flowers for a shade garden. We got there and I was just whizzing around, picking up poppies, lavender and admiring plants every few inches. At that rate we would have been there all day. We managed to leave with lots of nice plants, and within the budget L made. He also found some Trillium, which is the provincial flower of Ontario. There were only 3 left, looking a little ghetto but we got them anyway. He joked with me that he'd have to dig some up the next time we went back home, and I had visions of our car getting ripped apart and us questioned for hours. I felt slightly guilty the last time we went through the border, when the customs agent asked if we had bought anything and L answered that I had only bought the Roots shirt I was wearing. Um, and a bag of wooden toys and some books. He had forgotten. Obviously I wasn't bilking the tax system.

Last night I knitted and watched The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Squid and the Whale. These movies have nothing in common but I enjoyed both immensely. I had actually seen most of Virgin but our badly copied pirated disc began hiccupping about 3/4 of the way in so I hadn't finished it. The Squid and the Whale was so tightly written and performed, that I am surprised that they did not receive any Oscar nominations. I liked the soundtrack too.

The thrill of the night was when fireworks began going off across the river (we live close to the banks of the Kennebec River) at the festival going on in Gardiner. The dogs went beserk for 20 minutes and I felt like Waynetta Slob from Harry Enfield's UK sketch comedy program Harry Enfield and Chums. I shouted at the dogs as I knit and watched, but at least I don't smoke. See Waynetta and her husband Wayne below.

We actually saw a pair yesterday down by the river who resembled this couple even more so. L and I both unfortunately caught a glimpse of the man reach into the woman's shirt and cop a feel. Theirs must be big love.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there.

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