Friday, April 07, 2006


Target, to me, is the Audrey Hepburn of shopping experiences; Cute, chic, and able to make me feel very girly and not harassed, unlike Walmart. I can't buy guns there, but I can get fabulous necklaces, chocolate, greeting cards, and lots of other lovely things that make me happy. Bigger is not better. Target is like being in a boutique, only with a higher ceiling and more room to move. It's red and white like a strawberry sundae, like a refreshing mint, like a lollipop. My inner conspicuous consumer breaks out when I see those colors on their signs. Sigh.

Maine has approximately 3 Tarjays right now, with one more coming here to town. I think it's important to find stuff to make us happy, even if it reveals just how dependent we are on consumerism.

happy = good

debt = bad


Dave said...

I've found that Target is the only place that The Mole People like to shop at. Which is nice becuase before Target, The Mole People had to bargain shop at several diferent places for all their Mole People needs. We all know who Mole people are with sunlight, so cutting down the number of places they have to go to is good for them.

Do they have Mole People in Maine? It seems to me that the rock bed may be to shallow and thick for them to really set up a thriving community. Maybe if they knew you had Target now...

Herself said...

No, we have no Mole People but we do have a good grasp on grammar and spelling. Thanks.