Friday, April 07, 2006


It's a quiet night here at home sweet home. L is at work and it is just me and the dogs. I did my domesticated bit (fed dogs, made dinner, washed dishes, gathered and did a load of laundry), and then settled down with my knitting to watch a documentary. I had never heard of Howard Zinn before I saw Good Will Hunting a few years ago, although before I went to college I never knew about Black cowboys or the women's movement. Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral On a Moving Train made me feel as outraged and apathetic as I felt when I saw The Motorcycle Diaries or Fahrenheit 911. Sadly, Michael Moore comes off more as a fat lunatic than a reliable journalist. There is so much to learn and so little I actually know. Back when I seemed destined to be a professional student for most of my life, I really took comfort in the fact that I would be learning throughout my life. My significant other at the time told me that when I finished my degree, that would be it, no more classes. I felt a little rattled but maintained in my own mind that when the learning stops, then I will be dead.

Granted, I have put the same amount of thought and passion into watching the complete series of Sex and the City, all in about 4 weeks. I'm not all brains, you know. And that leads me to the epiphany that the public library is one of the greatest socialist systems in place today, in that quaint and subversive way that libraries work. Once you have a card, you have the power of borrowing materials from other libraries for no charge (we call it Inter Library Loan in the business, or ILL). Thanks, Lewiston Public Library! I enjoyed the DVD very much and will return it on time. According to the American Library Association, there are more public libraries in the United States today than McDonalds. Bon appetit.

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