Thursday, April 06, 2006

everything old is new again

Tom Cruise is definitely becoming the new Michael Jackson. I'm not talking about the diminutive Michael from the days of "ABC" and "I Want You Back," but the veil wearing, surrogate mother, bizarre behaviored man.

Trust that I was never a Tom Cruise fan, even in the days of wearing Tretorns and tapered jeans with a Vuarnet sweatshirt. I found him cocky and annoying. Top Gun was a movie my brother liked, not me. Never a fan of tighty-whiteys. I recently told someone that he reminded me a lot of his role in Magnolia, and then I read today about his relationship with his dad, and his father's death, which mimicks the themes of Magnolia.

He's become a control freak, according to an important source I read called "Life and Style." Okay, it's one step up from the Enquirer in the foodchain of journalism, but it meets my needs. I actually gave up the trashy magazines last year, after realizing that I would abhor other people discussing my life like they actually knew me meaningfully. But I caved recently.

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CBK said...

I thought of Magnolia, too, when I read that article about Cruise's father. And his shenanigans on Oprah were very similar to his stage performance in Magnolia, too.

I guess he was type-cast. :-)

Good analogy to MJ. They're both pretty freaky and have "arranged" relationships for publicity and offspring.