Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Marvelous music

Wilco was amazing! Even more amazing was the young woman beside me who shushed my friends and I during the opening act. The performer reminded me of some of the "edutainers" who perform at libraries. My friends and I were chatting and it was so loud in the auditorium that I am surprised she even heard us. 20-somethings today are too serious, and they wear tank tops to every event! Girls like that keep Old Navy in business (although I shop there too, so shame on me).

I love Portland. Portland is Maine's answer to the wonder if a small city can truly thrive. What a great place. I like all the quirky shops, and clubs and pubs. I also like cheap parking. Although nothing can top the Portsmouth Parking Garage. Still a bargain after all these years. Go and have brunch at the Friendly Toast and marvel at how parking will only cost you a few bucks for several hours.


Paul Saxton said...

Did Wilco do my favourite, A Shot In The Arm? And who was the opening act?

I also like Portland. We once spent a good day there doing the book and record shops, wandering round. Very nice.

Talking of very nice – and linking to your earlier post about women musicians… what about Jolie Holland? Two great albums full of dark, mysterious beauty and with a voice like Billie Holiday. Bjork? You can’t beat a bit of Bjork. And then there’s the best single of the year so far: Beyonce’s Check On It. Oh, and Candi Staton’s new album, His Hands, is pretty good. And Neko Cases’s new one, Fox Confessor…

Hello Sarah!

Herself said...

God, I am so out of the loop! L likes Bjork, but I haven't really listened. Maybe you make me some mixes!

Yes, they did do that song. They played so tightly together. Have you seen I am trying to break your heart?

The opener was a fellow on guitar who played a type of acoustic opera. It was unique, and actually not bad.

Herself said...

Thanks for reading, Paul.