Thursday, April 20, 2006

the dress

One item I have not brought to the new abode from the parent's abode is the wedding dress. I purchased the dress, the petticoat, a bustier and a rhinestone head piece for way too much money. Actually, my mom helped me out. The women who served me worked me over like a masseuse and I was putty in their hands. There is a lot of shame involved too. They size the dresses very small, so if you are over a size 10 you end up paying about $50-$100 more than other sizes.

My friend T, who was very brave to accompany me and I so apologize to you for doing that to you, was there the whole time and knew my resolve when entering the store. Still, I was sucked into the vacuum of the American wedding industry.

What should I do with it?
1.Give it away?

2. Sell it?

3.Throw it away?

Granted, it was a very lovely day. I felt beautiful and so happy in the back of the church when I held on to my father's arm, who sobbed out loud, and saw all the people who had travelled to be there.


T said...

I'd say give it away! It can have many more adventures without being wasted. Besides, there can't be that many instant-on wedding dresses out there!

Herself said...

I could probably hold the world record for dressing for your own wedding in about 3 seconds flat, minus the time we spent at the hair dressers.