Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fountains of sorts

My fountain picture yesterday reminded me a lot of the story of Manneken Pis. There is a statue in Brussels depicting a little boy peeing. The story goes that he was separated from his family during a war, and in his search for them he needs to pee. He whizzes on the men fighting, which ends the war when the men are distracted by the hilarious sight and forget what they are fighting about in the first place.

In less interesting news it appears that Britney Spears is pregnant again. Does anyone remember the clever story line in Men in Black, where the tabloid are actually hold the truth to the universe? My god, they were right. She was preggers!

I know a lot of pregnant people right now, and I see a lot here at work. Sometimes it's like a soap opera, in terms of time and gestation. One episode they are newly pregnant, and the next the kid is dressed in Ralph Lauren and his issues begin. I may not see someone for a few months at the library and the next thing you know they are about to pop. Library time is based in 2 week increments, unless they bring their books back before then.

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