Thursday, April 27, 2006


I am a clumsy person. In this past year I have gotten a chicken bone lodged in my throat, fallen down the stairs, and the occasional coffee spill. This is a remnant of my childhood of broken arms and noses, driving into the side of the garage and into a ditch on my bike, plus an injured tailbone from a swing accident. No, I don't possess the grace of Audrey Hepburn (oh I wish), but I do recover nicely.

I am a socially clumsy person too, and I am beginning to feel a lot of wrath toward someone at work that has been brewing for 4 years. It isn't going away. Neither is she. I was in tears today about it. I have tried the killing with kindness bit, and the very direct way (which I am not good at) but it doesn't seem to be helping. I supervise this 50 year old woman who is never happy, and I know she says things about me when I am not around. I find her condescending, facetious, and a snob. And god, I hate snobs. I need a new approach, other than my creative visualization of a strong wind blowing her away. I think there needs to be a great deal of care given when working with people, and I do love my job. I went to an elementary school tonight for a job fair, and I talked about some of the myths surrounding librarians (all women, likes shushing, gets to read all day). This one person may be the reason I leave my job. That would be really horrible, but I can see myself getting to that point. In the words of the cartoon literature, is this the end of Sarah?

Where are the people interested in Stealing My Covers? I have had one response, but I know there are more of you out there who are curious. If you don't want to play I will make you a mix, okay?


Paul Saxton said...

Funnily enough, I too have had a bit of a situation at work with a woman in her 50s. I mean, that is, a similar situation to yours.

I decided quite early on (because I'm a horribly judgmental and intolerant person) that I didn't like this woman. So I began a campaign of passive-aggressive hatred towards her. Looking the other way when she came into the room, acting extremely busy whenever she spoke to me, replying with one-word answers... the usual stuff. And it worked. Well, sort of. She leaves me alone. I can tell she knows better than to bother me. The only downside to this situation is that at Easter I was the only one in the office who didn't receive an egg from her. So it looks like she's playing a similar game. Suits me.

Anyway Sarah, I think the trick is to not let her get to you. The passive-aggressive thing is good because if you direct it right she'll be the only one who picks up on it. And when she points out to other people that she knows how much you despise her, she'll come across as a paranoid lunatic. And be ostracised as a result.

Failing that, just punch her in the face. That kind of approach always has the effect of disarming snobs.

Herself said...

I may have to resort to violence. She is the queen of passive agressive. 2 passive aggressives just cancel each other out. I am going to just ignore her.

CBK said...

I've emailed about Steal My Covers. Sorry, but I was away.

I say frame this coworker so that she gets fired or has to resign out of humiliation.

Anonymous said...

I'll take your "Steal My Covers" challenge! Bring it on.
Signed: Say isn't that....
PS. to comment on 'Fountains of sorts, your cousin by marriage IS about to 'pop'also. keep the writing coming lady you're one talented chick.

Herself said...

Thanks, anonymous.

Another baby appeared at the library yesterday, and I had no clue the mom was that pregnant. I also ran into a friend at Hannafords who is due in July.

I'll be sending out the CDs soon!