Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well, spring has come to Maine and with it the cycle of parents returning from Florida, babies being born, and my desire to have my hair grow quickly. I seem to be in a rut lately. I've been lamenting about my lack of friends, and how my phone never seems to ring and L pointed out that if I actually called people, then it might. I've reconnected with an old friend, and it has been nice, but I feel myself retreating rather than reaching out. I'm not the same now that I was even 3 years ago, and I find that I'm happiest at home with L, or alone. I have several very good friends that I am lucky to see a few times a year, and I find that okay because when we do take the time to see one another we fall back in like we were never apart. God, maybe I truly am a hermit. I joke about how I hate dealing with people, when I work in public service. It's draining sometimes. I'm discovering at work that the people you bend over backwards for are the ones that really shit on you the most. This includes co-workers.

I am venturing to the vets tomorrow with the dogs so we can take them to Canada in late May. I'm excited about the trip. Besides my 2 times in Quebec with the French Club in high school, I have been to Windsor several times in my past life and Ottawa last year for my birthday. I love it there. You can get excellent chocolate too. We'll be going to Kingston, and Guelph (I think). I never used to like having time off from work but now I relish it.

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