Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ah, yes. My attempt at blogging, part 2.

I was promoted at work about 5 months ago. Pros: nice little raise, justification for my previous professional student status, and a natural progression in my career. Cons: problem solving through shitty situations, gritting my teeth while checking about books to sex offenders, being too tired to stay up and watch Law & Order, using phrases like "be a part of the solution, not part of the problem," etc. Sadly, I really do feel this way. Oh, how I dislike how negative people can be, who create problems rather than find ways to make things work. Believe me, people who think working in libraries is all about reading lots of books are deluded. I'm lucky if I have a chance to read People on my lunch break. I remember interviewing for my first library job and telling the interviewer that I loved books, and that's why I wanted to work in a library. Ha. Now I'd love to have the time to read them.

Now I'm passionate about time. Time to read, to watch films, to hear live music, to spend time with my husband, to have friends, to walk my dogs, to knit, to see my family, to sleep. . .It strikes me that someday I may change jobs. I had a conversation with a friend last year about 1. what I would have majored in if I could do it over again, 2. what career might I go into after my current, and 3. what would be my dream job?

1. I wanted to be a pastry chef, and open my own bakery/bookstore. My dad put the kibosh on that, said that academics were far better than being on my feet a lot. Now look at all the cafes in Barnes & Noble and Borders. I was on to something. Bastard!

2. I would consider a job not working with people. Like flower arranging.

3. Being an eloquent author who inspires people, unlike my current Boo Radley personality as a fledgling essayist.

What did/do you want to be?


CBK said...

1. I'd major in engineering or music if I did it again. One for employability, the other for passion.

2. I'm hoping Risk Management is what I go into after my current consulting career.

3. Composer/conductor.

Welcome back to the blog world!

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