Thursday, December 11, 2008

Musical weaponry

They used it to force Manuel Noreiga out of exile in an embassy in Panama, and now the United States is using it too. I'm not talking about the 24 hour Christmas radio stations here, but torture. I caught this article the other day in one of our local papers. It was on the back page. Read the article.

I suppose that copyright and human rights have no place in government detention centers. Blaring music as benign as the Sesame Street theme, to as raucous as NIN, over and over make people break down. I know how I feel when I hear too much Nickleback. The military uses it "to create fear, disorient ... and prolong capture shock."

I like Tom Morello's take on it:
Morello, of Rage Against the Machine, has been especially forceful in denouncing the practice. During a recent concert in San Francisco, he proposed taking revenge on President George W. Bush. "I suggest that they level Guantanamo Bay, but they keep one small cell and they put Bush in there ... and they blast some Rage Against the Machine," he said to whoops and cheers.

What music would drive you insane?


Turf Dad said...

Hey, whats your Wednesday Weigh In plan? Play "Barney" music till you puke?

White Hot Magik said...

Quite frankly anything played enough would drive me insane. Kids sing song type makes me insane quickly.