Sunday, September 07, 2008


I love domesticity. I have actually grown to love it. My siblings could tell you how I used to say that I was never going to learn to drive. I'd live in a city, take public transport, and eat off of paper plates. I was destined for that life, and did live it for a little while. I suppose I got greener and decided that paper plates were a waste of paper, and that I actually enjoy making things and washing dishes. But is that a waste of water?

The pantyhose thread in my last post started me thinking about resourceful moms, who make do with what they have. My mom still relishes little luxuries. We share many of the same tastes in things, although I am weirder and more eclectic. I sometimes read Heloise in the paper and feel slightly elitist. Sometimes this resourcefulness has an underbelly of hoarding, when you have lots of uses for some stuff that really should be thrown out. But, it makes me think. What else can you do with pantyhose:

-Makes a great face mask when robbing a store or bank
-Strain lumpy paint
-Tie up annoying siblings
-Use it to tie back hair
-Store bulbs
-An old Girl Scout leader of mine put leftover bits of soap in pantyhose and brought it on camping trips. I should have remembered that with my soap felting
-My mom puts mint in a tied-off pantyhose foot and boils it with the liquid when she makes mint jelly

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White Hot Magik said...

I think I already told you how I was using mine. To make slings and covers form my pumpkins and tomatoes.

I might use the bulb trick later today I have some that need a better home.