Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Socks and such and starting all over again

I have discovered the secret behind smooth, felted soaps. The irony is that I can't stand the stuff! I've always had an adverse relationship to pantyhose, feeling that they must have been created by a man to torture generations of women. Maybe it's because when you pull them out of their package they resemble shrunken limbs and they never quite fit exactly. You haven't lived unless you've walked around all day in a pair of pantyhose that are ripped in the crotch. Somehow that area is never quite reinforced enough and manages to shred with a little tug.

Anyway, after ruining too many bars of soap I sought advice online and saw that many people slip their roving wrapped soap into the foot of stockings, tie them off and then felt that way. It works AMAZINGLY! All things must have a purpose...Now I must buy a washboard.

My socks I'm working on, well they suck. But, you must start somewhere. I borrowed this book from another library and I'm going to get a copy for myself.

It is fantastic! The pattern I am using right now was one I found online and it's just a little too convoluted, so I'm going to start all over again.


Malathionman said...

Felted soap???

Crotchless pantyhose might be a problem with no undies. This was a hot topic early on in my marriage. I didn't know the "panty" was in the "hose". So I grossed out when I found out my wife didn't wear undies under her pantyhose.

White Hot Magik said...

I too have found a use for those pantyhose that my mom keeps giving me. I have cut them up and put them around some of my veggies to keep the grasshoppers off. They are also supporting the pumpkin growing up high on the fence. It is like a pumpkin hammock if will. Just in case MM stops back by it is very diffeent than a banana hammock.

Hyperher said...

I like subversive uses of panty hose in practical ways. We also use it when we don't vent our dryer outside. Pumpkin hammock...