Friday, May 30, 2008

More pictures than words

Where have I been?

Last weekend I nipped down to Boston to see my friend Liz.

It was warm and really hopping. I had a good time but was happy to come home. It's always the case. I love the ease of the city, but Maine is always home.

I had a week of no drama, since one of my staff was on vacation. It was a busy week but no hassle. I like busyness. Tuesday would have been Tim's 42nd birthday. I gardened and thought about calling my sister-in-law, who I had sent a note to the week before. She e-mailed me, which was nice. All the feelings come back again in little ways, which makes me sad and sentimental at the same time.

My sister called the other night, in tears because her neighbor's child had accidentally left the door open when he left my sister's house and their cat went missing. She was gone over 24 hours. The kids were heartsick, and I felt awful for my sister. I know how I would feel if anything happened to Mojo or Merlin (and even Oliver). My sister called me back later to say that Natalie had come back. Life lesson averted!

Mojo is such a love. I like watching him from the window, since he is still so full of wonder after 4 years of living. I remember when we met 4 years ago. I thought he was such a spaz, but after my life went from uncertainty into tumult, I had an opportunity to adopt him and I am so glad I did. I recently was sent pictures of him by his first mama. I really treasure those. Here is one oldie and a few of mine:

Wee Mojo

Mojo in the breeze.
This would have been a better picture if Merlin wasn't strolling by.

Mojo and his toys.

The gardens are really coming along now. Our home is such a comfort to me, despite my aggravation over more cosmetic things. I do love it here, and the yard is wonderful. Some pictures of spring:

My goal for tonight, after grocery shopping and a little vacuuming (boo hiss), was to plant some more perennials and have a Cosmo on the new deck. I really wanted to go to the opening of the Sex and the City movie, but my friend couldn't make it. We're going on Wednesday instead. I can't wait!


White Hot Magik said...

Pretty flowers, I don't recognize the bottom two. I was in a bad mood all day yesterday because the *&^^&^ squirrels ate my pumpkin and watermelon plants. I got some bird netting and I am going to see if I can replant and make it work this time. I am going to have to find someone to go to Sex and the City with. Let us know about it, K?

Hyperher said...

Lily of the Valley and Trillium. Those are actually in Lars' shade garden. Merlin, Lars' Great Dane, squashed one of the other Trillium as well as the Jack in the Pulpit. The Trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario. I don't know why the garden is always more appealing than the open yard...
Luckily no other creatures both my plants.

White Hot Magik said...

I feel like I should have known those I have read about them. Don't think I have seen them in real life though. So where are you this week??