Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Geek is the new chic

The older I get, the more I realize how much I am growing into myself. I've actually become someone I really like. Up until now I've grappled with some bad choices that were not obvious to me at the time. Low self-esteem seems like such a cop out. I just think I'm going through life like anyone who can look back and reason with why certain things happen.

I grew up in a place where I was a geek. It is rural. I wasn't popular, but I was a step above social pariah. The popular girls who were pretty, were also cruel. The guys treated me like a buddy (sort of). We all pretty much were children of farmers and foresters, teachers and nurses. Some were white collar families but most blue. There wasn't a huge social difference between people, economic wise. I played field hockey, basketball, and did field events in track. I was in the French club. I did the lighting for the drama club, and was on the yearbook committee. I never drank or smoke. I wasn't skinny, but I wasn't obese. I got picked on because I had a dorky brother who was overweight. I also got picked on because I was gullible and, frankly, I have big breasts. I was very self-conscious, and awkward.

My prom, 1990

I really think that a lot of the guys who picked on me then would actually really like me now. I suppose that's where I have to face being the bigger person. In my mind I am doing a little victory dance, telling them to eff-off or acting out a scene like in the movie Hard Candy. In reality I would just be polite but call them an ass in my head.


Leucantha` said...

I had similar hair in 91 you can check out my myspace pics if you need to see it. : 0

I would be polite too but there are few that I would like to smack back to reality still.

CBK said...

I think you look cute in the dress. Who's the date, btw?

Hyperher said...

My date was Fritz Anthony. I was shocked that he bought me a wrist corsage.

The highlight of our evening was when he sucked helium out of some of the balloons at the club the prom was held at. It pretty much summed up our evening.

Malathionman said...

Well, at least the hair changed. :)

Patty O said...

I think I like your hair better now.