Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Coffee, coffee, coffee

I got a present yesterday from Lars:

When we first met, he described my car as "disgusting." My console which had my cup holders was covered with a sludge that was part coffee, part soda sweat. I often had stuff rattling around in the back, due to my very long commute and habit of throwing stuff in the back. My trunk was frightening. Let's just say that my car was an area of my life that was not tidy. Just after Tim's death, when I went back to work again I seemed to be eating my pain away. At one point there were fast food bags from several fast food restaurants piled up in the back. Then I joined the Y. Then I saw Fast Food Nation. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

I have a terrible habit of spilling coffee, pretty much anywhere. One of Lars's first presents to me was this mug, which he brought into work for me one day, full of some really lovely coffee. I think he brought me a cookie too. My heart was pounding when I saw him, since I had already been thinking of him when he arrived.

I also spilled a cup on one of our first dates. His fleece jacket soaked up a lot of the spill. I was sure he'd be gone after I came back from the restroom, but he stuck by me.

I missed Weight Watchers tonight. I didn't go to work today, and didn't have the energy to drive in. I've lost 25 pounds so far. I've been chipping away at it for a while, and even though I've done it before for various reasons I'm planning on keeping the weight off this time. The other times I was moderately successful at keeping some of the weight off, but various personal crises found me back to square one.

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Leucantha` said...

What a sweet and poignant entry. Good for losing the weight. I haven't been weighing myself but noticed a reduction in my middle. I am trying to make healthy choices one by one and then go on a program. I think I am getting there.
I love that blue mug. Lars sounds like a keeper, good thing you married him. ; ) Oh and my car is probably the same. I am keeping it clean now because it is a loaner.