Tuesday, March 04, 2008

She's crafty, and she's just my type

I dubbed myself the A.C. Moore whore this past week when I visited the store a total of 3 times. I could be doing other things with my money like saving for a trip back to England, paying off debt, or contributing to worthy causes. I had a strange dream last night that I was visiting my old place of work in London, where I had parked my car on the street in front of the library. My blue Honda Fit seemed right in place there. As I chatted with old work friends inside I noticed someone breaking into my car. I fled the library and pleaded with them to stop but somehow they were able to get in easily, as if they had a key. They sneered at me and spoke in accents out of a Matthew Vaughn film, and were about to rifle through my valuables when...I woke up. Of course, I obviously couldn't drive my car to London but that fact escaped me during the dream. I often find myself having these reality checks when I dream, but not this time.

All this craftiness I am up to has been a welcome diversion. I'm just not sure what I am going to do with all the stuff...


Leucantha` said...

What crafts are you up to?

You can see where my interests lay.

You have reality checks when you dream? I don't really, I just find myself wondering.. Is that supposed to be that way?

Hyperher said...

Besides knitting I have been needle felting and making cards. I always struggle with creativity vs. perfection, but it's always harder to see things through those eyes. I like making stuff and then giving it to friends, especially after this long winter.

I don't always have those reality checks when dreaming, but often do. It's like raining on my own parade, although it's good to have that inner voice.