Thursday, December 27, 2007


I think it's time to take stock of the content of my blog. I never really run out of things to write about, and I hope that people are interested in the things I am interested in, but I understand that complaining about work or my mental breakdown of the day can get a little...old. So, I am happy to take suggestions on topics. I have lots of opinions but I try not to force them on others. I am borrowing this suggestion of feedback from Malationman, who asked for input a while ago.

I thought I would write about periodicals today. That's library logo for magazines. When I first started working in a library, periodicals were heavy, bound volumes that were rarely checked out, with the exception of Rolling Stone, which was cut out and stolen at an alarming rate. UNH was famous for having a microfilm subscription (albeit black and white) to Playboy, plus a variety of other more academic titles in paper and microform/fiche. I never was much for subscribing to magazines, but I am guessing that is more a part of being in an established home. For a brief period I subscribed to the Atlantic Monthly while in grad school, but never re-upped my subscription. My mom always gave me subscriptions to women's magazines like Family Circle and Women's Day. I found that these were more for moms and people who eat more meat than I do, so I gently let my mom know that we could save paper by me looking at her old issues. I have on and off gotten Glamour. I like the do's and don'ts feature. When L and I moved in together, he had a whole array of subscriptions, including a photography magazine, skiing, and Men's Health. When we moved him out of his old apartment, I noticed some magazines that were covered in dog fur under his bed as we moved the mattress. "Ah ha," I thought. "He does have some vices," but they were actually just some photography titles. My faith was restored.

Here are my current subscriptions:
Real Simple- Exactly what the title says. It reminds me a lot of Target. I guess that's why I like it so much.
Entertainment Weekly- I'm not sure if I could live without this magazine. Good reviews and clever writing. I also share the old copies with my friends.
Cook's Country- Old fashioned recipes in this glossy. Am I the only one who likes to read cook books recreationally?
Blueprint- Frankly I am disappointed with this title. Although I like the hip products they promote, and the ideas are fresh, they stuff in it is way too overpriced. This is a Martha Stewart publication, geared for younger people. Skip it.
Mother Earth News- My father saw this at my house and asked me incredulously, "You bought this?" I like it very much. It's a lot of practical information about living simply, in a back to the land sort of way rather than a Real Simple way. I'm not sure if I'll ever raise a herd of goats, and I probably won't sew my family's clothes, but I like the idea of sustainability. That's what this magazine helps to foster.

Here are ones I would like to get:
Utne Reader- 'Cause maybe I am a bleeding heart liberal.
Bust- Because this feminist magazine is smart and practical.
The New Yorker- For the fantastic cartoons, and occasional article.

Here are ones I am iffy about:
Spin- I like keeping up with the new bands, but sometimes I'm not that adventuresome.
Paste- More like the musical genres I like, and comes with a CD sampler. The only problem with this magazine is that I never seem to read the whole thing. It's a guilty pleasure when I do pick up a copy.


shannon said...

They sound like good magazines, and a good wish list. I need to renew my subscriptions but I still pick up Vanity Fair and BBC Good Food every month. I like VF's mix of a smidge of celebrity with politics/social commentary, and I like the food ideas from the BBC. I hope you're having a good weekend - out to do yet more Christmas shopping in preparation for the kids' arrival tomorrow.

Hyperher said...

The photography is great in VF. I sometimes look at it in the library. BBC Good Food sounds wonderful. I love the BBC.

My sister and nephews are coming today too, so our Christmas has also been extended. I like it.

Miss you! I loved the card, btw.

Malathionman said...

You know I like the movie talk. I tried reviewing foreign movies on my "spaces" blog but nobody seemed interested in trying them out. If I started again would YOU try them out? :)

I also like reading about you banging you head or slipping and falling. You are better than watching the Three Stooges!

Hyperher said...

M-man: I'd be happy to try them out. I'll e-mail you my space info.

Spilling has been my most recent thing. Not that it's new but it seems more frequent.

CBK said...

Entertainment Weekly is my only magazine. I read it from cover to cover, but get horribly backed up because I don't have (make) time to read them. But I don't know what I'd do without it. My wife renews my subscription every Father's Day.