Monday, December 31, 2007

Ice, ice baby

It was about 10 years ago this time of year that the ice storm came and knocked power out of many Maine homes for several weeks. It destroyed trees, properties, and caused many people to live roughly while they awaited power crews to get them back on line. A state of emergency was called. I was living in Boston at the time, and had flewn down to FL to visit my parents when it happened. We tried calling my brother several times, not knowing how terrible things were. We actually had no idea about the storm. He had no heat except a wood stove, no plumbing, and no electricity. It was a truly depressing time.

This contrasts the winter we are currently having. We've had lots of lovely snow falling, each time making the surroundings look fresh and covering up the brown snow caused by warming and people driving too fast on our street. I was used to snow from my childhood drifting up to the window sills, and that has not happened in many years. This winter makes life feel...normal.

Happy 2008.


Patty O said...

I got stuck having to drive up from Massachusetts this afternoon in the snow, and when I got back into Manchester, some douche passed me on the side of road when it was near whiteout conditions. Oh was I pissed!

Hyperher said...

I think New Englanders have forgotten how to drive. Case in point: yesterday as I drove to work, people drove about 25 MPH. The roads were clear (you could see the pavement) and the sun was out. On Tuesday, the roads were shit, and people were driving like 50 and passing. It makes me feel like a granny in my little Japanese car but the fact is that if I get into an accident, chances are I'm going to get seriously damaged. I hate rednecks in their big trucks who pass. Arseholes.