Saturday, December 08, 2007


Yesterday was a perfect day.

I worked until 1. During my 5 hours at work I finished the schedule (one of my major job responsibilities), after chasing down our shelver and working in the last minute changes like appointments. I schedule 17 people. I also ran to Barnes and Noble, processed some new DVDs, listened to our inter-library loan delivery person bitch about how we are not packing our crates correctly, and waited on a few people.

Yesterday was payday and we received our cost of living increase, retroactive from July. This meant that I had a nice little bonus to use to finish my Christmas shopping. Serendipity is sweet.

When I got home we went down to Brunswick to Target and then Bull Moose Music, 2 of my favorite places. It started snowing when we left Bull Moose, so we headed home. I asked L to stop in Richmond at a pub I had seen. It's called the Old Goat. It was fabulous. They had a fantastic array of beer (we had a Newcastle, Warsteiner, and Dunkel), good food and one of those open locations with high ceilings and exposed beams. At one point I saw 4 older men sitting in a row with a pint in their hand, not so different than seeing those same men at the Shabeen in Queensbury or the pub near Cashlagh we used to go to in Kerry. I felt very at home. We have another local place that's just way too trendy now.

Today it's going to warm up into the 30's! It's going to be a virtual heatwave compared to the past week. Maybe we'll have a proper winter season this year.


Patty O said...

Haha, the days we're celebrating 30 degree weather are the days we know winter is upon us.

There's an Irish pub down here in Manchester called the Shaskeen, actually owned and operated by people from Ireland. They're not bad. It's definitely a very Irish looking place when you go in. The only thing that sucks is their cover charges.

shannon said...

I just tried leaving a comment but I don't think it worked - or maybe it did and now I'm just going to leave another saying the same thing!

Ah well, here goes: I love the sound of your new local, especially the name! You'll have to take me there someday soon. And I'll take you to our newish place called the Bread and Cheese - it feels like Brigadoon because for ages we couldn't find it after being there once. It feels like someone's front room, but in a good way!

Hyperher said...

Shannon, I would relish a lazy Sunday afternoon in the pub with you!