Friday, November 16, 2007

Homely librarians

My friend and former classmate at Simmons, a non-practicing librarian, sent me a link to Bob Ryan's October 15th Boston Globe article about Tom Brady. Ryan writes that... can be sure Brady will be seen in public with a homely librarian before he engages in any discussion about the difference between the receivers he was forced to work with last season and the ones he has now.

Hm. Apparently some librarians who read the Globe article were offended by it and its portrayal of us. I went to a library conference today and looked around me. Big glasses, lots of layered clothes, bad hair, only a smattering of men, and lots of women...Pretty depressing. I looked inwardly and thought of my current outward appearance: long straight hair, and glasses. Am I like those women I saw today? Not really. Do I think people who look a certain way go into my profession? That's a hard one. I had someone tell me last weekend that I looked like a sexy librarian. I just laughed. I think people have certain expectations about librarians, including how they look. Sorry to disappoint.


Patty O said...

I picture librarians as old, wrinkly bags with owl glasses who scream and yell all the time. That's you, right? :) :) :)

Hyperher said...

Only on the inside ;)