Thursday, September 13, 2007

Squat meets Gucci

This is my fashion post. It's maybe the one time ever that I'll whine about clothing, but it needs to be said. The clothing that's en vogue right now, is made for women who resemble willows and not bean pots. See below:

I am a bean pot, and not a willow.

I recently went shopping, excited about the prospect of warm sweaters since the weather has turned crisp. I tried a few tops, and sweaters, but decided that the tops all make me look 7 months pregnant and most of the sweaters cut off at my breasts. Who decided that this is stylish? In theory I'd love to lose 20 lbs and look great in these clothes, but I know this won't happen.

Am I deterred? No. Although I am tempted to enter myself into What Not To Wear, I still find hope in the cool things I find at thrift stores and small shops. I wear a pair of green Gucci eyeglasses I got in FL for $2.99. I wear fabulous shoes. I'm proud of the skirt I wore today that I paid $1.99 for that people complimented me on all over the place. I love fashion, but I know it isn't real. No one looks like that, at least no one I know. I love the style of Holly Golightly, and young Sophia Loren. I like classic things. I like simplicity. Mostly I just like being okay.

I'm pretty average. Not willowy, but nice to cuddle.


Montessori Mama said...

From one bean pot to another, you look fabulous! I love your sense of style, I long to own your wardrobe and I'd kill for some of your shoe collection. Thanks for the encouraging post. love to you--cousin JH

CBK said...

Come on! You're not a bean pot. Although I understand your stuggles with clothing from my tall wife's own troubles. No one can actually wear the clothes designers make.

Also, love the new picture to the right from the falls.

CBK said...

Wow, Montessori Mama! Your oldest is 15?!?! Great to see the pictures.

Hyperher can fill you in on who I am and how you know me. I'm not a creepy stranger. :-)

Malathionman said...

Old Sophia is not so bad! :) And you are pretty OK.