Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pull over

My parents are back from Florida. L went to pick them up the other night while I was at work. Due to delays, they got back a bit later than I expected. The plan was to grab a bite to eat, but choices were minimal at that hour. I drove us toward town, where Denny's ("When Nothing Else is Open") awaited. A car with very bright lights rode my tail the entire trip in. Since I had my parents in the car I just putted along. It was late and I was tired. At one point I had to adjust my rear view mirror since I had a hard time seeing. I was silently cursing the person, and may have even said aloud "Why doesn't that jerk get in the other lane and pass me" when I approached an intersection which had 3 lanes. I waited at the red light, jerk off behind me and drove away when the light turned green. Then said jerk off started flashing his blue lights. I pulled over.

This marked the 3rd time in the 14 years I have been driving that I have been pulled over. One time I was speeding, and the other time I crossed the white line on the side of the road and was pulled over. So far, no tickets! I was befuddled why the officer pulled me over in my slow moving car. I rolled down the window, scrambled through the glove department and said hello to the officer, who said hello to me and told me that my license plate was registered to a Chevy Bronco, and then walked away. From the back seat L asked him if the plate was run as a passenger or a combination, but he continued back to his car. He quickly came back and said thank you, gave me my fistful of documents and off we went. The dispatch had run my plate incorrectly. Someone actually does have the same plate as me, but as a passenger plate. It makes me wonder though, why did I get pulled over in the first place? I was not speeding, so was it an excuse to pull people over they run plate numbers? Does my car scream criminal activity? Of course the car is registered to someone who works in public safety. That probably helps. As I pulled away from the sheriff's vehicle, blue lights still flashing, my father said "That was exciting."

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CBK said...

Why would they issue identical plates, even if they're different classes? That just seems stupid. It's not like Maine has so many drivers that they ran out of number combinations.