Thursday, May 24, 2007

Inherit the earth

Yesterday morning I flipped the stations on the radio on my way to work, passing on Marketplace on NPR and some Jackson Browne song on my regular station. I flipped to a classic rock station and heard "Baba O'Riley." Cheesy, but put me in a good mood. It reminded me of the silly songs we listened to in high school to pump us up before a game. Tonight, on my way home from showing the documentary The Agronomist, I heard the song again. In this 24 hour period I have the song twice, and in between I have heard of so many women who are pregnant. One was a verbally abusive woman who came to the library today, who was neglectful to her child and indignant towards me. I learned today that the daughter of L's supervisor is pregnant. Mary Cheney gave birth today, and I am co-hosting a shower this weekend for some friends who are due in July. I saw in the paper that a doctor L knows gave birth recently. Around me there are reminders of birth, and I am tired of it. Why is it when you want something, when it seems that life is stable enough and I am at some sort of peace with myself that this seems impossible?

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Malathionman said...

My wife and I were married 15 years before we finally decided to adopt our 3 kids, a sibling set. My wife had been pregnant before, but always miscarried. It had probably been 10 years of unprotected sex before she got pregnent again, 3 months after the adopted ones came into our lives. She miscarried again. We were bummed and kinda relieved at the same time. Point is sometimes there is something inside you that just makes it happen. Apparently it is very common for women who adopt to get pregnant after they adopt. Maybe it needs to be the last thing on your mind, or maybe you need to adopt one first. :)