Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stress the positive

My cousin sent me this interesting article, which I couldn't read at work because my computer crashed. 4 of us share this computer. I don't blame the tech guy, but this all happened after he downloaded the most recent Microsoft patch. It actually killed 2 computers in my department, but he was able to roll back the patch on one of our public computers. My computer did not respond. The good news is that the computer was backed up about a month ago. I also have a memory stick, but I haven't backed anything up in ages. So despite what the above article says, computer failure does not stress me out. What really stresses me out is the aggravation of order. I get annoyed when the stacks are messy, when staff have not been doing their shelf reading, and what the picture book room looks like after certain families come to visit. I dislike disorder, and although it annoys me in my personal life, it especially grates me at work. Plus, I am bored at work and not particularly challenged. What to do?

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