Monday, March 12, 2007

Spartans, fiber battles and letting go

My venomous week ended and I rebounded on Sunday. I took L to see 300, which was actually pretty good. When the lights came up I thought we had been transported to a comic book convention. L was thrilled with the movie. It was not as violent as Sin City, but violent all the same. I like how the story was told and I thought the Queen kicked ass.

I finished the hat I was making for my friend's baby! Unfortunately I used needles one size larger than the directions called for, so it's really a hat for a small child rather than infant. Oh well. It looks lovely and someone will wear it, at some point. I'm on a roll! Bring on the next knitting project.

I look forward to the end of this week, since I'll have the opportunity to meet the author Tracy Kidder, as well as share the company of my favorite aunt. I needed an attitude adjustment from last week. I mostly needed to remind myself that work is not everything. Remembering that helped immensely. It also helps me to remember to not be wound so tightly. I'm scaring myself, because it reminds me so my of how my father is. In past times I used a visualization technique I would conjure when feeling annoyed at people. It involved me taking a fire hose and spraying the person (or persons) and watching them wash away. Sounds weird but it works for me.

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