Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One third

I felt really pleased the other day when I heard L talking to a friend about my next birthday. He told her that I want to have a party for my next birthday, since I will be 33. He said that there was a special reason behind it. I was impressed that he remembered me talking about it, since I tend to prattle on. So I told our friend that I want to especially celebrate this birthday because my family (paternally) tends to live very long lives. My grandfather lived to be 98, and his father also lived to be in his 90's. If that proves to be my genetic makeup, then this birthday will mark the first third of my life lived. So we'll be having a party come July. If anyone is in the area, you're invited.

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CBK said...

Crap, I'll be on the Cape in June. Bummer!