Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Very strangely I saw 2 lawyers today in the same fast food restaurant. They both represented me for a probate issue where I found myself totally helpless to act because of junk like pre-nuptial agreements, co-signed loans and death by unnatural causes. I don't think either of them recognized me, or another. One lawyer botched the situation up so I went to the other to help me sort it all out.

Last week I was offered the opportunity to meet and interview Howard Zinn for a documentary. I kick myself but I couldn't get the time off with such short notice. It would have been a wonderful opportunity but I often wonder what to say to people I admire greatly without sounding like a complete twat. I remember when I met the filmmaker Nancy Savoca. I gushed about how her film Dogfight spoke to me and then I realized she probably heard that often from awkward college aged women with low self-esteem. What is the most flattering thing to say to someone you admire? You make the world tolerable? I value your thoughts and opinions? I just don't know.


CBK said...

I struggle with that meeting musicians, too. I want them to know how much I respect and love what they do, but I don't want to gush and have them tune me out. Bummer about the Zinn thing. :-(

Malathionman said...

If it is appropriate and the time is right just say what you feel. So what if you gush.