Monday, January 08, 2007


I've started sifting through my CD collection, checking iTunes to see if it's there and then making the decision whether or not to donate to the library or take back to Bull Moose to turn into a new-to-me CD. Big step for me since last year, when I had a hard time thinking that I could give up the tangible, the stacks of dusty CDs collection in numerous parts of our house, and trust the computer to keep my collection for me. Technology 1, clutter 0.

My biggest complaint with iTunes is that the collection is not comprehensive. We found that Apple UK had a selection of things we could not get here through the US iTunes Store, but we would have to open a whole new account. There's also the question of exchange rate. It still rankles me to think of the CDs I brought back in 2002 that some asshole stole from my car outside the Rite Aid next to work. I know they probably meant nothing to them, but are somewhat irreplaceable to me. Mostly because I've forgotten what I had. I do remember a Feeder CD, which I haven't been able to get here.

2007 will be a time of new music for me. Or at least that I what I am telling myself.

Newcomer orientation went off well last night. People are quite interesting. We each had to give a short history of our religious experience, what brought us to the UU church, and what burning questions we may have of the church. Many of us were raised in the Congregational Church, but there were a few Catholics there too. When I spoke (between coughs) I said that I loved the music, the sermons and the traditions of the Congregational church, but I had no spiritual connection, or sense of community there. I stopped going in college unless it was a holiday. When I met Tim, I was impressed by how casual people were dressed and how accepted they were in the Catholic Church, but I didn't share their beliefs or understand the services. It was at this point I decided to be very frank and tell the group that Tim had killed himself, which brought me to a spiritual crisis and found me believing in nothing. I didn't find the comfort in God that everyone told me I would find. Instead, I found myself muddled, in a very murky place. After my cousins suggested it I started to attend the UU church they attended, and immediately found myself a place of peace and able to work myself out of the murk and attempt to answer some questions I had. At this point I told the group that I did not have any burning questions about the church, but was still seeking answers to some of the bigger life questions.

I came home tired but happy. Joining means simply writing your name in the membership book and giving what you can. That's it. It's probably the easiest decision I can make.


Jay Emm said...

Oh dear....! I hope you didn't sit too close to your monitor to read my last comment. I also had a lousy head cold for most of the Holiday, but I'm over it now..Perhaps there's more than one virus that travels through Cyber Space??!!
It's also interesting to read that you were brought up in the Congregational Church. I lived with my Gandparents for a number of years when I was young and attended Chapel often with them. The sense of community was high and the fellowship increased my faith...Now and many years later I am struggling with my faith...although I know down deep it still remains, perhaps only as a dim light, but nevertheless there.Also my late wife [lost her battle with cancer some years ago] was a fanatic librarian!. She lived to read and to pass on the gift of words to others. Why do the good have to die so young?....Perhaps my diminshed fath has some answers if only I had the courage to trust it.
Take care,

Malathionman said...

Faith is tough. I struggle with it all the time. Hopefully it will become easier for you.

Why don't share some of that music on your site? I could go for some Rage Against The Machine while reading your posts.