Friday, January 05, 2007

"Eh... eh... eh"

22 days until my vacation. I'm starting to feel a little like Anne, a character from Little Britain. She's a mental patient with (seemingly) limited verbal skills getting paid 5 pounds a week to work in a library. We have people call and come in on a regular basis who want to volunteer, some more functional than others. So it's not that strange. I suppose it's because I feel terrible, still sick with a head cold.

Other things to look forward to these next few months include going to see Pete Yorn, using my snowshoes once we have a proper snow, ice skating, and finally removing the hideous wallpaper from my living room.

My other venture comes this weekend when I attend a meeting Sunday evening about joining the church that I have been sporadically attending. Doing this is teetering on the edge of my comfort zone but I can muster some social skills and do it. I often find that the things I drag my heels about the worst aren't all that bad. Plus, going there each Sunday makes me think and provides me great comfort. It's spiritual without all the judgements and what my father would describe as ecclesiastical bullshit.


Nava said...

Someone who knows that richly verbal and eloquent Anne...

Hope you get over the flu - it comes and go. I pretty much gave up on getting better (as i get sick again within a coupe of days - there's always someone who graciously coughs in your face) and so, I am sneezing all the way to spring.

Herself said...

Thanks to Shannon and Paul for Little Britain. We loved it.