Friday, October 13, 2006


I made lemon squares last night for our Uncelebration of the last book in Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. It is the 13th book, released today, aptly named The End. It was a fun day. We didn't get tons of kids, but I feel as if lots of families juggle activities with their kids, and the library doesn't always top the list. I wasn't disappointed.

My clutzy moment of the day:
I spilled my coffee as I was mixing the milk into it this morning at the coffee shop. I treated myself since I forgot to get cream last night. I remembered the TP, and the eggs, but missed the crucial ingredient. Coffee with skim milk or soy milk is just wrong. Of course it was a shame that I spilled it just because I had not had any yet. It seemed so devastating to watch it splash and try to mop it up with a wad of napkins, knowing I could have been drinking it and allowing it to bring myself to functionality.

My Friday observation:
I was behind a large, baby blue car driven by a woman with a male passenger with a license plate which read JC Saves and a bumper sticker taped to the rear window which read I Vote and I'm Pro-Life. The car, the plate, the message, and the driving all said "Hey, I'm conservative, and I may be a bit better than you because of my beliefs." I couldn't help but wonder if they may have some darkness in their life, some subversive aspect that is hidden beneath their large, American car and their proud and out there beliefs. Maybe she drinks, or he has had sex with a priest. I don't know. It goes the other way too, when people have their liberal beliefs plastered across their Japanese cars. It's just that the latter don't hold placards with pictures of aborted fetuses outside of churches or family events. It's a matter of choice and presentation of the message.

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