Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Look-alike and sound-alike

I thought of Amy Krouse Rosenthal today as I drove by a Baptist church. Their sign read something like this:
The only 2 reasons to go to church: Worship and Fellowship.

She had a great passage in Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life about words that look-alike and sound-alike. I need to buy the book because I can't recall now what some of them were. I thought it was ironic that worship also sounds a lot like warship. Then I couldn't think of anything else clever. It's like listening to Will Shortz on NPR doing the Sunday Puzzle. My mind draws blanks as he gives the word and you try to make new words. If I ever drive off the road on a Sunday morning, he will be to blame.

Ho hum.

A picture by my friend Laura, taken in Portland:

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I thought of another:
fetuses and fetishes