Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jacked up kids or, love makes you crazy

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about kids books that really promote co-dependency. We had a good laugh. So many of them pose the children to ask "Do you love me?" They plead, even though their mother would travel hundreds of miles, morph into other creatures, or even stay with them forever. Here are the worst offenders:

1.Mama, do you love me?

2.Love you forever

3.The runaway bunny

There are 2 movies out there that I cannot get here in the states
but would love to have:

They are both Irish and available on and although one is available on VHS and the other DVD, they won't play on my player. If you could help me get them here I would handsomely reward the person a jar of jam made by my mom, and my unconditional gratitude. I think I originally rented I Went Down at Blockbuster in Harrow, and saw When Brendan Met Trudy at rhe Tricycle in Kilburn. I need a Peter McDonald fix, apparently. I really just want L to hear the final dialogue between Bunny and Git.


Christian said...

How about "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein? I remember feeling horrible guilt about my ingratitude towards my parents when I read that one as a kid.l

Herself said...

Yes! Kids lit has a manipulative side. I always thought Silverstein used drugs.

I recently read Whatever by William Bee and I swear now that I will never say that again. I even say things to my husband like "You should care" when he answers "I don't care" to questions like "What do you want for dinner?"