Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sex ed

I find myself in a curious situation this evening at work, since having to chide an 8 year old for looking on sex.com. There were pictures of scantily clad women on the screen, and a big purple vibrator as I went to log the computer off. We have a policy here at the library, which parents have to sign off of so that they are aware that we don't use commercial filters on our computers with internet access, and staff does not police computer use. If you are dumb enough to leave it up on the screen as you are walking out the door, then there's nothing else I can do but address the situation. The kid said to me, "Oh crud." I could see from his face that he was REALLY embarrassed. I told him he needed a 2 week break from the computers, since his viewing really doesn't fall under our acceptable use policy.

I feel weird because I don't want kids to think that sex is bad, but I also don't want kids learning about sex from a blatantly misinformed website with a purpose to sell and not educate.

Ho hum. I'm not Annie Sprinkle or Virginia Johnson, but I don't believe in repressing sexual curiousity in kids. You don't learn unless you look or ask, and I'd rather kids be curious than educated by porn.

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