Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Personal Hell

My own personal hell: Steely Dan and Michael McDonald in concert. After watching The 40 Year Old Virgin and Standing in the Shadows of Motown, I can appreciate how annoying it is to listen to the former Doobie Brother's lead singer sing Motown repeatedly. The two acts will be playing in September in Boston.

I almost peed myself today, driving around listening to David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall. He was sharing his first draft of an introduction he was asked to write about an interview with Ira Glass and Terry Gross. He says,
"I first listened to National Public Radio in 1977. I was young then but saw the network for what it was and continues to be ... a conspiracy of Jews."

I may have even snorted. I definitely heard my own laugh out loud, which usually happens internally. So it was a good day. I went to see L later and I could tell he was having a really bad day. I had the epiphany that maybe during these last few weeks, while I seemed to sulk around and feel bad for myself, that it's hard to take for the other person. I may have seemed to be feeling sorry for myself, but I actually was in a very dark place. It was like a time I lived through before, but more concentrated. So I felt for him tonight, but there was nothing I could say or do but go home and hope tomorrow that he's better.

I made 3 phone calls tonight. This is great progress for me. Phone calls are hellish for me, but I did it.

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