Thursday, July 27, 2006


I came home from an interesting day of work and harvested my basil and made pesto. I steamed some zucchini and summer squash and cooked some whole wheat pasta and had dinner by myself. I'm working on my "eat-better-in-case-I-get-preggers" lifestyle, which is also for a "live-better-so-I-can-live-longer" life. F.A.K. called tonight too. We chatted for a bit. He misses us here. I think he was generally happy. I told him that I found a couple of shirts that he left that were under the bed, and that I would post them to him. He asked if I could send Mojo too. I can't imagine Mojo in NY. He gets really nervous around lots of people, as do I. I went for a walk after dinner. It was hot. Real hot. My mother used to say that it was "hot as Hades," but I thought she actually said "Haiti" and I was always under the impression it was an incredibly hot place. Then I read Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains and learned how hot and destitute a place it is, a hell on earth politically and socially.

Personal crap of mine is accumulating in my garage in anticipation of my yard/garage sale. I am aiming for 8/12, but maybe sooner. I am hoping to buy a cute, mission style bookcase from Target. I have lots of books boxed up which are yearning to be free. And speaking of books, I decided to go on Library Thing and start tracking what I have read, beginning with this year. I pathetically realized that I haven't read much this year at all, and have pledged once finishing Monk that I would start listing to books on CD and get some knitting projects done. I'm fine at work, if you come in and want some advice on quirky, obscure titles. I need to be a bit broader and a bit more kid oriented.

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CBK said...

Considering that you're a children's librarian, I'd say so. ;-)