Sunday, July 30, 2006

Educated eating

I went to Longfellow's Greenhouses this morning, shortly after 8. Often it is feverish there, but today I felt like I was at a very small church in a village. I walked through without seeing a soul. It was perfect. My garden has become a variety of purple flowers, so I wanted to find some yellow to liven it up. There's not many perennials that haven't gone by at this point in the summer, but I found a few. I was planning on spending $10, but that was impossible. I planted the plants and have been puttering around since. It feels like a Sunday to me. Sundays have often been too quiet and not distracting enough. I end up dwelling on idiotic things, rather than enjoying the day. I have no motivation to go to work tomorrow, either. Not good.

2 of the slimiest people on earth recently got married. Love is strange. Take this photo, for example:

I had eaten most of my dinner and decided to mix some hot sauce with some ranch dressing to dip my last veggie patty in. A coworker said it looked like the opening credits of Napoleon Dynamite. Still, it is amazing that 2 shakes of Frank's Hot Sauce could produce such a perfect heart. Some see Jesus in their pancakes, but I can make hearts with my condiments.

I wonder if there has been any correlation made with fast food consumption and level of education. Do PhD's eat at Burger King? Do those with MA's prefer coke over Pepsi?

The necessity for food seems to be the only thing that ties people, when class and education separate. I don't have time to create my own poll, but it makes me wonder. Being overweight is something that people from all classes struggle with, included the educated poor. It's what pisses me off about WalMart, and the organic food movement. WalMart's groceries tend to be highly processed and made to be consumed quickly (I do buy yogurt there since my local supermarket doesn't carry my brand), not to mention cheap, and organic food is priced higher, presumably because of the cost to grow it and the price the farmer's ask. It is only affordable for some, but across the board the average someone is not going to pay $1.99 each for organic peaches when you can pay $1.99 a pound for them. But if less chemicals are going into the growth, why is it more?

For the record, I prefer Wendy's and diet Coke. I have an MS and an MA.


CBK said...

I didn't realize (or perhaps didn't remember) you had an MA. What's that in, and is it from UNH?

I prefer Burger King and non-diet, non-caffeinated soda. Don't need those coursing through my body.

CBK said...

Oh yeah, that's a sweet heart!

[bad pun, I know]

Herself said...

I have an MA in Education from Goldsmiths College, University of London.