Sunday, July 09, 2006

Start of something

I have been reading Julie & Julia at bed at night and I totally forgot that this book was started as a blog, similar to Wendy McClure's book I'm Not the New Me, which was based on her blog I think both women have a clear image of their audience, and play it up. I like Julie Powell's style of writing (I always love a woman who can swear) but I would rather not include details of my immediate family like she does. Of course, we all need therapy because of something that happened in the past, maybe during childhood, or the ugly teenage years. I would never discuss that here, although I don't spare you my daily marital bliss or the past pain from my first husband's suicide. Sadly, I am writing here mainly for my own self-interest. Other blogs I like include this one shared with me by a friend and co-worker who also has noticed the recent interest in beg bugs on network news expose programs.

Everyone seems to have a schtick. Julie Powell talks about that a bit, especially since blogging was relatively new when she began her cooking project. What is my schtick? I will spare everyone my cooking woes, since I have a spouse who is adventuresome in the kitchen (but doesn't like French cooking because of the butter), and really I have nothing to be woeful about. I hate the self-indulgence of women blathering on about their reproductive issues (which I hope I don't have), or gossiping about Britney (which I do by purchasing US and In Touch). I'd rather live by the schtick of Seinfeld, or Godot, and write full of nothingness. Actually I wish I had a small, discrete camera to take pictures of he/she mullets. Maybe this will be my birthday gift to myself.

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