Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bob and John

I ordered the Essential Johnny Cash from a library and it arrived while I was off the past few days. There are a lot of those Essential compilations out there, and I especically like that the series covers everything from Barry Manilow to Alabama and back again. On my way home I blared probably one of my most favorite songs, "Girl from the North Country." Some may say that Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash harmonize like Frankenstein and Dracula, but I love it.

I am envious of the "long hair that flows and curls down her breast" lyric, but when my hair gets long it gets real ratty underneath. I have to use loads of conditioner to untangle it. Right now I am growing it out and I think will grow it long again. I like being able to wear 2 plaits. Perhaps next summer.

Anyway, I always felt like Johnny Cash's album American IV: The Man Comes Around was like his death knell, and I am beginning to wonder if that is a result of working with Rick Rubin, or maybe it's just my sense of Cash's pain when he sang songs like "Hurt." My Rick Rubin suggestion was because of the last Jayhawks album, which he also produced. It was a fantastic album that did nada. They seem like they are on hiatus. My first concert with L was at a reunion of Gary Louris and Marc Perlman. I dragged him to Somerville, MA to see it. It was blast. I introduced him to my best friend on the trip down, and we stopped and had Krispy Kreme on Rt. 1 in Saugus.

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CBK said...

Yay, long hair!

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