Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flowers in the window

I am doing a split at work today because one of my staff is home sick. This worked out well, since it gave me a chance to vote in the ho-hum primary, and work a bit in my garden. Last year my plants looked pretty thin but I'm please to say that the garden looks like something about of Country Gardens magazine now. Even though I loved the exotic sounds of the alleyways in Boston, I loved going down to the Fenway (in daylight) and seeing the gardens. It takes very little effort to foster this kind of beauty, although my only complaint is that most of my flowers are purple.

I had my lunch on the porch and read Consumer Reports, and my skeptical self wondered if companies pay off the publication to market their products. Hm. There always has to be that optimistically-pessimistic side of me that questions some things.

I'm making L watch Breaking the Waves tonight. The last movies we watched were Blade and Blade 2, so this will be a big shift. I watched a few episodes of Long Way Round last night. It's the TV documentary of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's motorcyle trip from London to NY, via Russia and places in between. Ewan is tops in my book for many nude film performances, and I like Charley Boorman's cuddliness. I can't help but notice how American they are when they travel though, complaining about the food and accommodation. Maybe that's what Hollywood does to actors. I felt reminiscent when they set up shop in Hammersmith at the beginning of the series. I loved working for that library service. Those were happy times in a foreign place. I often felt happiest at work in those days. Now I am quite content to be at home.

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