Thursday, June 29, 2006


A friend dropped off a quart of strawberries she just picked. I ate one as I carried them inside. I like this time of year, when my mom gives me fresh vegetables and it stays light so late. We watched Panic Room last night. Jodie Foster is a good actress but there's something about her. She is both familiar and similar in the roles she chooses. I'd love to see some of her films where she is speaking French. She was in A Very Long Engagement, which I did see and also had some part in Hate, which I have not. When I was a kid in elementary school we used to watch films on the last day of school, and I recall watching Candleshoe. That was one of her pubescent films. I remember at the end of 5th grade and my friend brought a cream horn in her bag lunch and I was embarrassed because I didn't bring anything cool like that. My lunches were always uninspired. She asked me if I wanted some and I said no, that I was on a diet. It's funny how young we are when we say stupid shit that we hear others say. I wish now that maybe I had some of the cream horn, and said "thanks, I love nurturing my sweet tooth. I hope someday I will grow up to be a foodie."

My sister is a chef and I wanted to become a pastry chef. Perhaps it was always a part of my genetic makeup, given my love for baked goods. I don't know if I am cut out to be a librarian. Sometimes I think so, other times I feel restless and pine for a change.

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