Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Arch curm

I've developed an outbreak of acne on my chin that closely resembles the Bering Strait. It is also quite warm outside, although it wasn't that way when I got up this morning. I put on a pair of white capris and a long-sleeve, black scoop neck shirt, which was fine this morning but when I emerged from work at noon to go for a walk, I was unpleasantly surprised. It is sticky out. But it comes to this, me talking about adult acne and the weather? My god. I know the death of a conversation when the banter turns to weather. I know from experience.

Anyway, I heard some songs yesterday from "nineteeneighties," Grant Lee Phillips new album. Nice. I have a notebook I carry which I make notes in about musicians and songs, just in case I am near Bull Moose. L is convinced the way to go is buying from iTunes, but I am not yet convinced. I can see that you can print graphics and song lists, but somehow I am not ready to give up the experience of going to the music store. This reminds me of my direct deposit paranoia of the late 1990's, when I wasn't convinced this was safe and accurate. What a fool I was, like some sort of archaic curmudgeon.

Just 4 days until our fresh air kid arrives. I assume he/she is arriving but we have had no word. Maybe someone has stolen my identity and really mucked up my background file. It would be hilarious if the elusive Permanent Record we were threatened about in high school was somehow attached. Mine might say sarcastic, weird, attained perfect attendance to escape sexual harassment in study hall, and is prone to getting kicked out of the library for talking.

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