Wednesday, May 10, 2006


There seems to be something at my core that is coming loose and setting off my irritation level. I am a patient person, but lately I have been really grumbly about things and I don't like it. I am hating:

1. Ultra religious people of more conservative view points
2. Smelly sponges
3. Line cutters
4. Bad donut selections
5. Pre-nup agreements
6. Flavored coffee
7. Rude library patrons
8. People who don't use their turn signals
9. Unsettled estates
10. and so on. . .

This state is reminiscent of Judith Viorst's Alexander in her book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

This was my favorite book as a kid. I still love it today. Alexander is a victim to the world and yet resilient. Although I hate victims as much as I hate sex offenders, I like the epiphany he has. He's a "tomorrow's another day" kind of guy.

There's so much children's literature out there that very succinctly portrays human existence, and I have enough time to read 32 pages (the length of most picture books). Subversion is one of the key elements to being a children's librarian and provider of children's lit. You can show so much to child both verbally and visually, without really rocking the boat too much. They will remember later in life, and they will thank me. My other favorite book as a kid was Wallace Tripp's Granfa Grig Had a Pig. Some of his illustrations scared the shit out of me, and I don't think that was a bad thing.

I was pretty frightened during my childhood. I am a gullible and impressionable person. My memories of the late seventies and early eighties are of solar eclipses, threats of nuclear holocaust, the Ayatollah, Falcon Crest, Walter Cronkite, mean girls with bad teeth on the school bus, hostages in captivity and non-sugar cereal. I seemed scared all the time, which makes for funny stories to tell now in my early 30's. Being scared then was good preparation for what I have gone through since. So, my rumbling will seem hilarious to me when I am in my 50's.


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