Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh, Canada

Back again.

Boy, do I love Canada. Besides it being a very patriotic place, some of my favorite people are from there. My boss, who is Canadian, came to the states in the 60's and said that compared to Canada, patriotism in the US was more like jingoism. Canadian children learn about the world and the US in schools, whereas children in the US think we are the world. I would move there if given the opportunity.

We drove 13 hours in the middle of the night, got stopped in Newry, Maine but evaded a ticket, and saw some very pretty places as we winded through to Western Ontario. We did this all in our new Honda Fit, which I have nicknamed Blue Steel, in honor of Zoolander. This was a nice surprise from L. I have never owned a new car before, never mind a car that is from a year advanced to the current. My car was a few years old when I got it. I have 10 more payments left on it. Please, please, please don't die on me now, Neon.

Anyway, this trip to Canada helped me learn more about L. My prior experience in Canada was muddling my way through Quebec with the French club in high school, and going to Windsor, ONT where I heard my first husband and his cousin talk endlessly about their crappy Irish childhoods. Then we'd go to a casino where I was given money to piss off and play the slots with while the relatives went to the bar and continued to commiserate. I despised the cold Windsor winter and vowed never to go again with him, and I never did.

What's so great about Canada: it's clean; Tim Horton's; social policy including taking care of their aged and given paid maternity leave; lovely accents; clever phrases like shit disturber; reverence for the beaver, and on and on.

I needed the break. I was going a bit loco and needed some distance. Between work and the past, I was faltering. What I learned about L on this trip was that despite experiencing a lot of sadness and adversity in his life, he is grounded and least of all a victim. He is a good person and has made peace with his past. And, the old accent comes back quickly. I always had a thing for foreign men. Oh, Canada.

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CBK said...

I've been spending a fair amount of time in Canada for work over the last few years, and I love it! Can't forget how important hockey is up there! If only it was as popular down here, we'd have a lot less problems. ;-)