Saturday, April 08, 2006


What wouldn't I eat if I were Jesus? Actually, I read an article in the Globe today, "Believers Diet for Soul and Waistline," about a couple who altered their diets after reading the above book. Frankly, Jesus didn't have a lot of choices then, no Trader Joe's or a variety of supermarkets. I'm sure if Pringles and Jolly Ranchers existed then, he would be all over them.


CBK said...

He probably would have been handing out Gorton's fish sticks and Doritos to feed the masses, too.

Rowdy Theologian said...

Yeah, can you imagine the kind of money JC would pocket today just doing endorsements? We'd finally have the answers to life's greatest mysteries; Coke or Pepsi? McDonald's or Burger King? Domino's of Papa John's?

And on the subject of libraries... it drives me nuts that I can't access academic library collections anymore. My was taking classes last year, so I had access to some great databases, but no more. You'd think institutions of learning would grant access to folks simply to reward their curiosity...but no.

Rowdy Theologian said...

Ooops, that should have read "My wife was taking classes..."

Herself said...

I am guessing the lack of access can be blamed on EBSCO and the other suppliers of the databases. God forgive that non-tuition paying students want to learn! Could you actually go into the library, or are you referring to online access?

Suprisingly, we are better than the Brits when it comes to access. We can pretty much walk into any private or public university or college library and at least look at their collection. I had to have 2 ID's to get into the University of London, and my own institution.